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What is Teen Watch?
Teen Watch offers an advantage to today’s working or single parent that was not available in the past. If a parent is concerned about the activities or behavior of their children when unsupervised, Teen Watch offers a great alternative. With today’s economy, parents find themselves working out of the home more often. Children are often left unavoidably unattended. Concerned parents can have their teens activities monitored to ensure that they are acting in a safe, respectful manner when unsupervised. This is a proactive way to obtain the information necessary to intervene.
What Can Naples PI Do?
Our investigators can perform routine surveillance on your teen, to ensure he/she is attending school, staying away from drugs and/or alcohol, and even the group of friends they chose to associate with when you are not watching. This surveillance footage can be both images and video for parents to view, as well as a detailed log of places visited and people associated with.
Contact Naples PI if you feel your teen is not telling you the truth about where they are going and who they are with.