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What is personal protective services?

At Naples PI, our Protective Services Division provides solutions for a wide range of personal concerns. Our protective agents are carefully vetted, receive extensive training in the specialized discipline of executive protection and are proficient in crisis intervention, de-escalation techniques and the use of force. We can provide a armed agent(s) for a discreet escort as a cost-effective solution without compromising capability, competency or professionalism.

We are not a uniformed security company. We provide covert (undercover, discreetly positioned) operatives who have and maintain a skill set and level of proficiency above that which is suitable for an industry-standard stationary or roving private patrol service. Our operatives are ideally suited for more sensitive details that require a rapid response or ready reactionary force, for deployments expected to be of relatively limited duration.

Threats to our infrastructure – the people, places and events we protect – are not the only thing that’s evolving. Liability is as big a concern to the providers of guard services as it is for the clients and companies they’re tasked with safeguarding. Just as our clients have a real responsibility to provide for the safety of employees, visitors and assets on their site, we  are responsible for ensuring that our guards have necessary and appropriate training. Courts have repeatedly recognized that agencies providing armed guards have an affirmative duty to train their officers or agents.

How Can Naples PI Help You?

We can provide safe transportation and protective services to those in need of this service. With discreet armed escorts we make sure the safety of our client is our first priority. If you are in need of a protective service contact Naples PI today to find out more.